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My Services

As a leading scholar in trans liturgy and trans theology, Rabbi Tovlev's services focus on these specialties. Additionally, Rabbi Tovlev is skilled in creating trans-affirming liturgy and adapting traditional blessings into Nonbinary Hebrew. If you are curious about whether Rabbi Tovlev is right for you or your community, please reach out!

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For learners of all ages

Rabbi Tovlev uses the skills he acquired in his Master's of Jewish Education to create classes that are dynamic and learner-led. Specializing in gender and liturgy, Rabbi Tovlev would love to teach on creative and alternative prayers or gender beyond the binary in Judaism.


Public Speaker or Guest Sermonizer

Rabbi Tovlev uses storytelling to link ancient Jewish teachings with modern day life. Whether at a secular organization or a synagogue, Rabbi Tovlev would love to speak with your community. Topics range from DEI and Belonging, LGBTQIA+ identity and experience, and what the Torah teaches us about living as our authentic selves.


Consultant and Trainer

Rabbi Tovlev is seasoned DEI consultant and trainer, with experience inside and outside the Jewish community. Specializing in LGBTQIA+ and especially trans+ inclusion, Rabbi Tovlev can lead a training or consult with staff to help foster a community of belonging within your organization.


Ritual creator and officiant

From weddings to Hebrew namings to gender affirmation ceremonies, Rabbi Tovlev would love to help you create a ritual that fits your unique needs and celebrates this turning point in your life. Not sure if a ritual would be right for you? Let's chat!

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