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See me in action! Included here are sermons, talks, meditations, and teachings. I believe in the power prayer has to connect our minds and our bodies to our spirits within. I love to use storytelling and memoir to relate to our ancient texts and find ways to connect them to our modern lives.

Jacob and the Angel

In honor of Trans Day of Remembrance, Rabbi Tovlev delivered this personal and heartfelt sermon which compared Jacob's struggles with the angel to Rabbi Tovlev's own struggles with living as his authentic self.

Balaam and the Angel

Rabbi Tovlev uses storytelling to compare a modern-day experience of hospital chaplaincy with this ancient Torah portion. In both cases, blessings 

B'reishit: We Were Created to Create

Rabbi Tovlev explores our creation story to seek insight on what it means to be b'tzelem Elohim, made in God's image. By connecting his own story with our creation story, Rabbi Tovlev develops a foundational trans theology based on the idea of God as Creator.

Meditative Prayer

Rabbi Tovlev invites us to connect our mind, body, and soul in this mindfulness meditation centered on gratitude.

Eikev - Results of our Actions

In this interactive talk, Rabbi Tovlev engages the kahal (community) on different possible interpretations of the Hebrew word "eikev," which can mean "consequences" or "results."

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