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The Only Red Tree: a Poem

the weather has turned

the sun takes its time

to rise slowly

slinking into position

in the sky

not quite reaching

the top tenderly

twisting and turning back

slipping down to slumber

night stretches into day

the air retaining the cool crisp

of dawn and dusk

I am tree watching

on alert for autumnal colors

red orange yellow

brown even brown

contrasted against the leftover

green of summer

most trees still

lush in late October

unbothered by the sleepy sun

one red tree stands alone

in front of a forest of green

most of its siblings still in summer

why has only this one turned?

the other trees surrounded

all sides squished against one another

branches overlapping


the red tree stands alone

no trees shelter

its leaves exposed

first to feel the frost on the breeze

the red tree

in its vulnerability

sends a message

sheltered trees may still be in summer

but those with exposed leaves

enter winter


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